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Slatted Wooden Fence Panel Ideas

Slatted Wooden Fence Panel Ideas - Example of slatted fencing

It's no secret we love the contemporary style of slatted wooden fence panels. But since they are more modern than traditional vertical fencing we are often asked for design ideas for their use. Below are some slatted wooden fence panel ideas to take your contemporary garden from zero to hero.

Different slatted wooden fence panel ideas

Using slatted wooden fence panels in your garden can make the space feel instantly more modern. Slatted fencing has long been associated with contemporary garden design. Not only are horizontal slats a beautiful feature for the garden, but they also make the area feel bigger, which is great for small gardens. Below are some unique ways to use slatted wooden fence panels in the garden.

Wall Additions

If you have stone or brick wall in your garden that doesn't provide you with enough privacy, slatted fence tops are a great addition. For shorter walls, slatted fencing can easily be added to the top of the wall. This provides a gorgeous feature for the space as well as extending the wall upwards to protect your boundary. Just ensure it's not too tall. Slatted fence panels can also be used to bridge any gaps in a boundary wall. Alternatively, slatted fencing can be added in front of an existing wall to tie the rest of the fencing into your outdoor space. Painting any fencing in the same colour as the wall will help it blend in and make the garden feel more cohesive.

Screen for different areas

It's doesn't just have to be utilised for boundary walls. Slatted fencing can be utilised to screen different areas of the garden off. If you have a particularly ugly part of the garden that can't be removed, screening it off can be a cost-effective option. Horizontal slatted fencing is a great way to conceal an area while still looking attractive. Screens can be used to hide sheds, driveways, dining areas or entrances. Screening off areas can also make your garden feel larger than it is by having dedicated areas to activities. When done right it can expand your outdoor space further than you would think.

Use doubled Slatted fence panels for privacy

If you love the look of slatted fencing but you are worried about privacy, then double slatted fencing is for you. Double slatted fences have horizontal slats on both sides of the fence. This still allows air and some light to pass through but you won't be able to easily look through the sides. This is a great option for overlooked spaces or any gardens that share a border with a public footpath or highway. Read more about different slatted fence panels.

Create planting arrangements

Slatted fencing provides plenty of opportunities to aid planting. There is plenty of inspiration on Pinterest and Houzz. We like the use of tall planters with contemporary foliage in front of slatted fencing. Grasses, ferns and maples are all favourites of ours for contemporary planting arrangements. Slatted fencing makes excellent supports for growing vining and climbing plants. Clematis, Ivy and even fruit trees, can be trained against slatted fencing to create a beautiful green wall. As our fencing has a 15-year guarantee against rot, they can easily be utilised for this purpose. without damage.

Go bold with colour

Who says wooden fence panels need to be a traditional 'fence' colour. Utilising a unique paint colour can make your outdoor space fit your personality perfectly. There are many garden fence colour ideas out there but don't just stick to these. We have a colour match service for your slatted wooden fence panels so you can get whatever colour suits your home decor.

Choose slatted wooden fence panels

If you would like help choosing your fence panels, we are here to help. Here are some more guides to help you make the right fencing choice.

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