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Small Garden Fencing Ideas

Small Garden Fencing Ideas


If you have a garden on the smaller side, we’ve got some great small garden fencing ideas to help you make the most of your space. You can make a big impact by choosing the right type of garden fencing. Using some design tips and tricks you can make your small garden feel larger and more luxurious. 

Small garden fencing ideas and tips

Whether it’s small and square or long and thin, a small garden can be a challenge for fencing ideas. The first thing to consider is what main improvements you need. Do you want to make the space feel large or is it more about the overall design? Is privacy an issue for you or are you looking for a way to brighten your garden? Here are our small garden fencing ideas to help you.

Elongate your Garden with Horizontal Fencing

If making your outdoor space feel larger is a priority, then using horizontal fencing is a must. Unlike traditional vertical fencing, horizontal fencing draws the eye along the garden, not up it. This creates the illusion of more space and a longer row of fencing. Horizontal fencing is an excellent tool to improve the apparent length or width of a garden. Just like inside the home, you can use interior design techniques and apply them to your garden. Continuous lines of the same width and colour will lengthen a space, while different widths and colours will stop the eye. Keep this in mind when it comes to selecting fencing colours, one colour is best to elongate your garden.

Use Slatted Fencing to Let Light in

Slatted fencing is a great option if your garden is feeling a little dark. Single slatted fence panels allow some light to come through which can help make a garden seem bigger and brighter. Horizontal slatted fencing provides you with this benefit but also will appear to lengthen a space as discussed above.  Ensure you only attach minimal plants, decorations and lighting to the fence. This will allow the eye to travel further down the slatted fencing, maintaining the illusion of length. It will also guarantee that the most light can enter. Adding in mirrors and other reflective surfaces in to a garden landscape can also improve the lightness of the space.

Choose Double Slatted Fencing for Privacy

If you would like to use horizontal fencing to increase the appearance of your garden but privacy is essential, utilise double slatted fencing. Just like single slatted fence panels, they have horizontal slats with a contemporary look. However, being doubled slatted means they have optimal privacy. Double slatted fencing panels have a row of slats on one side with a secondary row on the other side at alternate points. This ensures the continuous look and appeal of single slatts but blocks the view of neighbours and other prying eyes. If you need further help deciding, read about the different types of slatted fence panels and their benefits.

Choose light coloured fencing

Another tip from the interior design handbook is to utilise colours for different effects. If improving the perceived size of the garden is important, then lighter colours are the way to go. Lighter fencing colours will make a garden appear lighter, brighter and larger. Classic eggshell white or pastel green are beautiful, light colours that will make any space shine. If you’d like to make your small garden feel more modern and luxurious, then opt for something bold. We love bright cedar oranges and dark greys. These more contemporary colours will make your space feel sophisticated and well put together. Their nod to an Americana aesthetic is a great way to make a space feel warmer and design-focused. Size won’t matter when your small garden fencing is that stunning. Here are some more ideas for garden fence colours.

Small Garden Fencing Ideas from Contemporary Garden

If you’d like help with more small garden fencing ideas for your home, get in touch. At Contemporary Garden, we pride ourselves on being able to deliver quality products for all types of gardens. Whether it’s driveways, small backyards or petite lawns, we can help you create a welcoming space any time of the year with beautiful, well crafted contemporary garden fencing. Have a look at our full range of fence panels here or talk to us for bespoke options