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Different types of slatted Fence Panels

slatted Fence Panels


Slatted Fence panels, some times called Venetian or slat fence panels, are a type of contemporary fence design. Often used to provide a high level of privacy, they are popular with garden designers for their beautiful look and unique features.

What is a slatted fence?


A horizontal slatted fence is a fence that uses horizontal timber boards or planks that are placed along a supporting frame with space between each board. This provides some visibility through the fence. The boards can be placed at equal spacing or in a pattern. 

Vertical or Horizontal Slatted Fence Panels

Slatted fencing can be used as both horizontal or vertical alignments for fencing. Both produce a unique look and each has its benefits.

Vertical Slatted fence panels

Vertical slat fence panels are usually used as an effective screen or partition for areas of the garden you’d like to block off. They can be particularly effective for hiding bins or other uglier parts of the garden as their vertical alignment can shield the eye from what lies beyond. They also make effective windbreakers for doorways or patio areas that need an extra bit of wind protection. As the design requires creating a rectangular frame, they are often favoured for these types of smaller projects then full boundary fences.


Horizontal slatted fence

Horizontal slatted fence panels are usually used for a full boundary wall. The horizontal lines create an open feeling for your garden and draw the eye along the wall making your garden appear longer and larger. Their modern design makes them an ideal fencing option for gardeners who enjoy the features of contemporary garden design. As decorative panels, as well as practical, slat fencing, comes in a wide range of designs, colours and finishes. 


Single Vs Double Slatted Fence Panels


The original slatted fence panels can also be referred to as single slat fencing. This is because there is just one row of slats on one side of a fence and therefore it is only decorative on one side. If the look of the fence on the other side of your garden is not important, then the plain side which shows the posts is no issue from a design perspective.  Single slat fence panels allow for light and air to pass through but as there is spacing between the planks it does increase visibility through the fence. If your garden does not overlook anyone or you are making an addition to on top of a wall, then single slat fencing can provide enough privacy while remaining a beautiful design feature.


Double slatted panels feature horizontal slats on both sides of the panel with an overlap. This overlap allows air and light to still pass through, but visibility through the panel is largely obscured. This type of slatted fencing is very effective at maintaining the privacy of your home. There is very little space between the planks and does not allow for easy viewing through to the other side. This makes it the best option for boundary walls that face a public highway or overlook a neighbours garden. The other benefit of having double slat fences is that both sides of the fence are decorative. This can be especially important where the fence will be viewed from both sides, for example as a front garden fence. It will make your home look beautiful from the outside as well as within your boundary.  

Why choose slatted over traditional fence panels?


Slatted panels create a contemporary fence that is less imposing than traditional solid panels, making gardens feel larger. For single slat panels, the high level of light can also make your garden feel larger than classic solid fencing. If privacy is a concern then double slatted panels will provide that contemporary, unimposing look without the visibility of single slatted fence panels.


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