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How to choose garden fence panels

How to choose garden fence panels - Finger pointing in garden

When it comes to how to choose your garden fence panels, there are many things to consider. With our comprehensive guide, we'll talk you through all the options to consider before choosing your fence panels. If you have any questions, you can always get in touch with our team directly.

Choosing garden fence panels

Here is our list of what to consider when considering how to choose garden fence panels for your outdoor space.

Style of garden fence Panels

We all want our gardens to look amazing, whether we prefer a traditional cottage feel or a contemporary garden look. There are many different styles of fencing out there, so look at the options to find a style that fits you. You may opt for very decorative panels or something more modern such as slatted fence panels. Consider whether privacy is essential for your garden or you can choose fence panels that allow more light in. Whatever you decide, choose fence panels that you love and suit the rest of your garden aesthetic.

Size of fence panels

People may think that there is only one size for garden fence panels but there are actually lots of options. Sometimes you may need an addition to a stone wall, or need extra high fencing to block a view. The best thing to do is to measure your space accurately and consider what you need from a fence and the position you plan to put it in. Remember that in many cases a fence cannot be above 2 meters, so check local planning to make sure you are within the law.

Material choice

What material to choose is essential to lots of other choices, such as cost, resilience and style. We've discussed the different materials previously in our article, What is the best garden fencing. We love timber for its beauty, durability and price but there are pros and cons for wooden garden fence panels too. We've also put together a guide on the best timber for fencing, so check that out if your heart is set on a beautiful timber fence.

Treated & Protected

Timber garden fences can last from 5 years to 30 years, if not longer. It’s all about selecting the right materials, manufacturing processes and protection to get the most out of your purchase. All of our tanalised timber is treated to ISO9001 standard with a 15-year guarantee against rot. All of our metalwork is made from galvanised steel to ensure a long-lasting fence. Whatever garden fencing you choose, make sure it is produced in the best possible way. Not only will this ensure it lasts for the longest period, but the upkeep will also be minimal.

Fencing Company

When selecting your garden fence panels, you want to choose them from a reputable company that can provide quality fencing. Look for a well-established business with plenty of 5-star reviews. Ensure that they take safety and security seriously. If they don't have documentation on how they practice safe work practices and don't have a secure website, it's a red flag. They must have insurance, especially if they are providing installation in your home. so check for this prior to purchase. Here's some more detailed information on how to choose a fencing company.


Of course, budget is a priority to many. You should choose garden fence panels that are within your budget and provide you with everything you need from fencing. The cost of panels varies greatly, depending on material and quality, but there are options for every kind of budget. Don't forget to include the price for hardware, posts, caps, supports as well as any installation costs. Sometimes additional landscaping may be required for installation or you may face costs to remove old fencing. Do your research thoroughly to ensure no nasty surprises.

Select your Garden Fence Panels

Now you have a comprehensive list on how to choose garden fence panels, it's time to go shopping. Check out our range of garden fence panels that come in a variety of sizes and styles. We also provide a completely bespoke production and colour match service so you can get exactly what you want. Get in contact to discuss your requirements.