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Ideas for Garden Fence Colours

Ideas for Garden Fence Colours

These days there is a whole array of garden fence colours to choose from. Contemporary garden design has come a long way from the standard shade of cedar and you can now choose from a large variety of modern shades. Garden fencing should not be limited to just a few colours, you should be able to select a look that suits your style no matter the colour. Here are our favourite contemporary garden fence colour designs in 2020.

Garden Fence Colours 2020

Contemporary garden design in 2020 has focused on making the most of your garden, especially with many of us spending more time at home. Colours should reflect the kind of environment you’d like to spend your time in. Whether sophisticated or comforting you can use colour to create the right mood in your garden. 

Slate Grey

If you are looking for a modern, striking style then slate grey is the way to go. This off black colour creates a great contrast to softer elements in a garden. Paired with white stone elements and oriental planting, the colour can be used to mimic Japanese style garden design. Water features, smooth stonework, cherry blossom and oriental maples would work well for this look. If it is matched with terracotta oranges and reds it produces a much warmer aesthetic that has an Americana feel. Industrial furniture and features such as fire pits will pull the look together, and don’t forget about an open-air BBQ.

Stone Grey

For a more subtle modern take on the slate grey, use a lighter grey. This colour is great for homeowners that like the traditional English country cottage style but would like a fresh take on it. An additional blue colour theme works well with this stone grey. Using flowers in shades of purple, pink and blue shifts the focus on to the foliage rather than the fencing. White or coloured metal furniture and wicker baskets will complete this look.



If you want your fencing to fade into the background completely and allow the focus to be entirely on your planting arrangements and other garden features, then eggshell is the colour to go for. This off-white fence colour is another great base for the traditional cottage style but also lends itself well to a whole host of other garden designs. Using eggshell as a neutral base allows you to use any colour palette for your flowers and shrubbery. This is a great option for all types of garden design.

Ideas for Garden Fence Colours - White slatted Fence panels

Electric Orange

This update to the conventional cedar coloured fencing showcases a much brighter tone for your garden. If you’re looking for something similar to a traditional garden fence colour but with more punch to it, then this is the colour to go for. It suits most gardens, and will not look out of place on any street but the brightness of this orange will make your boundary wall pop. If you like this more conventional colour but would still like a modern look, opt for slatted fence panels. Horizontal slatted fence panels offer a contemporary garden look while allowing more light to stream in. If you need a bit more privacy, opt for a double slatted fence panel design.

Pastel Green

A beautiful colour option this year is a pastel green. This unique look will provide a soft edge to a garden space while providing a bit more colour than a neutral grey or eggshell. We love this look in any space, lending itself to both traditional and contemporary looks. It’s all about the selection of garden furniture, planting arrangements and features that will decide on your style, but a beautiful green such as this will hint to something out of the ordinary.

Choose Your Garden Fence Colour

If some of these 2020 colours don’t float your boat, then you can choose your own unique colour. Here at Contemporary Garden, we provide a custom colour option for our painted slatted fence panels as well as the five amazing colours we’ve showcased above. Get in touch with us today to discuss your perfect garden fence colour and we’ll make it happen.