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How high can a garden fence be in the UK?

How high can a garden fence be in the UK?

How high can a garden fence be, is one of the questions we most frequently hear from our customers. Whether you want to be conscientious to your neighbours or you want to ensure you don’t fall foul of the planning commission, we answer that query here. If you are in the UK, there are a few rules to follow when it comes to the height of your garden fence.

How high can a fence be?

The default answer is 2 meters but it is a little more nuanced than that. In general, it’s always best to check with the planning authority in your area. In most cases, planning permission will be handled by the local planning authority (LPA). All planning can now be completed online through the government planning portal where you can apply to every local authority for the correct planning permission. Though the LPA covers a wide range of planning applications, including large scale developments, they are also responsible for managing smaller applications where applicable. 

When do I need planning permission for a fence?

There are several key reasons as to why you may require planning permission for your garden fence:

  1. If your fence is on the main road - This could include either a road or a footpath and applies to any fencing that will be more than 1 meter in height.
  2. If not on a road and the fence is more than 2 meters
  3. Your property is in a conservation area - This applies if your property is a listed building or within the curtilage of a listed building. It also applies if the fence forms a boundary with a neighbouring property that is a listed building or falls within a curtilage as well.

Of course, just because these guidelines are stated doesn’t mean you can’t apply to the LPA for planning permission. There are many reasons why these guidelines may not be applicable to your home, so if it’s something you are looking to change in your garden and it’s particularly important to you, then you should apply through the proper channels to see if it can be granted. 

How high can a garden fence be without planning permission?

Garden fencing does not require planning permission if:

  1. If it does not exceed the height limits as stated by planning permission. So no more than 1 meter if adjoining the main road or 2 meters elsewhere.
  2. If you are replacing, repairing, modifying or tearing down an existing fence. If the fence was existing previously then it is unlikely you will need new planning permission, especially if it does not break the height rules.
  3. Your boundary is made of plants - The height ruling only applies to fabricated fencing or walls. The height rules do not apply if it’s a hedge, tree or bush. This is to generally encourage more greenery throughout the UK but hedges still need to be maintained.

Do trellis tops count?

You can add trellis tops to your fence to add extra privacy but they are included in the height restrictions. Therefore if you have a fence with a trellis top, their combined height from floor to top should be no more than two meters.

Our slatted fence panel heights

At Contemporary Gardens we only stock the finest quality, tanalised timber fencing panels, all of which come under the two-meter mark, so you’ll always be within building regulations. Our range comes in a variety of styles and designs, with height ranges from 300mm to 1800mm. Check out our amazing selection of contemporary, slatted fence panels. Please get in touch if you’d like help selecting your perfect fencing.