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How to choose a fencing company

How to choose a fencing company - person sizing wood for garden fencing

Don’t waste money on an unprofessional garden fence company, choose a fencing company that knows what they are doing.

When you are investing in quality fence panels for your home, the last thing you want is to run into a rogue trader. A fencing company with the right experience, extensive knowledge and quality products will provide you with a fence that will last for decades. 

What should I look for in a fencing company?

As with all product and services, research is the key to getting the most value for your money. Below are the 5 key things to look for when it comes to choosing a fencing company for your next garden project.


Whenever you find a company you are thinking of working with, the first port of call is reading reviews. Nothing will give you a more accurate representation of the company than reviews from real customers. Look at the rating of the company but also read the comments their customers put too. Of course, you’ll want to avoid any company with a low rating but if there are only a few negative reviews, then you are on to a winner. Read through any replies the company may have given. If they take the time to respond to customers’ reviews and where necessary apologise, make amends or explain how something may have gone wrong, they clearly take customer satisfaction seriously.

Well established

Experience is everything when it comes to manufacturing and construction. If a fencing company has a good number of years under their belt, they will have seen all manner of problems and know the best way to resolve them. If you’d like to work closely with a company, ask for a portfolio of their work. They may be able to provide you with contact information of previous clients so you can get a feel for how they work. 

Safety, Security and Insurance

A good fencing company will also have some appropriate industry accreditations that show they will work safely and are specialised in a particular skill set. Not only will accreditations showcase they are the right people for the job but it also ensures that they will be working to the best safety measures whether in their place of work or your home. The same can be said about insurance, which you should be able to confirm they hold before starting any work.

If the fencing company provides products for sale online, they should have a level of cybersecurity to protect your information. Look for a padlock symbol in your browser next to the company website’s URL. This means they have an SSL Certificate which is a required addition to a site if they take payments through their website. Read through their privacy and cookies policy too, to ensure they are complying with the law.

Quality products

It’s not just about the way the company works but what products they can offer. You should always look for fencing companies that utilise quality materials and manufacturing processes. Products that comply with ISO standards and other accredited bodies will ensure you are buying a quality piece of fencing. If the fencing company is offering timber fencing then you should also inquire whether their wood is FSC certified. Timber that is approved by FSC guarantees the wood comes from sustainably managed forestry and this is assured throughout the supply chain.

They have what you want

There is no point in selecting a fencing company that does not have the products you want. You want to choose a fencing company that has the product type you need, in the style, colour or stain you want and can provide all the additional goods you’ll need for installation. There is a variety of designs when it comes to fence panels, so do a bit of research on the styles you love. Read more about contemporary garden design in 2020.

Choose Contemporary Garden fencing company

We pride ourselves on providing an amazing service to our customers and we believe we fit the criteria of a great fencing company. We have over 35 years experience in the fencing and landscape industry and our reviews speak for themselves. Our products are FSC and ISO 9001 accredited and we only use the best timber for our fencing panels. Based in Sheffield, UK, we make all of our products in our factory with our team of trusted tradespeople. If you’d like to find out more about our services, please get in touch.