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Contemporary Garden Fencing Ideas 2021

Contemporary Garden Fencing Ideas 2021


Summer is well and truly, and finally, here. So, we thought we'd look at some of the contemporary garden fencing trends and ideas for summer 2021. With the changing seasons and the world and society-changing day by day, our 2021 garden ideas are about practicalities as well as the gorgeous aspects of design.

Popular Garden Fencing Ideas

The various lockdowns and the changing climate has meant many people have spent more time in their garden and outdoor space than ever before. With this changing behaviour, 2021 fencing is geared towards privacy, security and helping wildlife flourish. All while staying stylish and chic in modern, contemporary design trends.


We've seen a huge rise in the number of people looking for garden fencing solutions that will maintain their privacy. When you spend a lot more time in your garden, and so are your neighbours, you soon realise if you are overlooked or not. Whereas previously, you may have caught a glimpse of your neighbour every now and then, on hot days in 2021 it's guaranteed you'll meet each other's eyes over the fence.

With this in mind, people are looking for solutions to block their neighbour's view. One of the easiest solutions is to build a garden fence that is tall enough to block the majority of the view from other gardens and houses. On top of that, you should choose garden fence panels that do not have visibility through the slats. The best option for this is Double Slatted Fence Panels. But you should ensure that you yourself are not blocking the public view of your neighbour.

Security & Safety

Another practical consideration that is on the rise is in 2021 is the security and safety of fencing. When you are enjoying your garden you want to ensure that it remains private, not just from a visibility standpoint but also against intruders. As we have been spending more time at home this year, children and pets are more likely to be in the garden whilst parents are inside the house. But just because you are home doesn't mean the garden cannot pose a risk. Ensure that any fencing you erect is child-friendly and dog-proof. Keeping a secure border is just as much about keeping people within safe as it is about keeping dangers out. Consider the build, height and entrances of your garden from every angle and make sure they are the safest they can be.


wildlife friendly fencing


Wildlife Friendly

Another perk of spending more time in your garden is seeing more wildlife. Unfortunately, we know that wildlife in the UK continues to decline, especially in urban areas. So in 2021, we want to see garden design, including fencing, be more wildlife-friendly than ever before. Here are a few things you can do with your fencing to protect the birds and the bees.

Cat-proofing your garden can aid wildlife, especially birds. Cats kill millions of birds and small mammals a year in the UK. And while evidence suggests that the impact is minimal on wildlife populations, it is still beneficial to reduce the impact your pets, or other peoples pets may have on the wildlife in your garden.

You can also encourage wildlife into your garden in many ways. For fencing specific ideas that are friendly to animals, there are many. Install birdhouses, bat boxes and bug hotels along your fencing. This will provide safe and comfortable places to stay away from predators. Ensure fencing does not have anti-animal protections unless they are designed to keep invasive species or predators away.

Contemporary Garden Fencing Ideas 2021 - fencing for privacy

Contemporary Garden Design Trends

Of course, a contemporary garden fencing design article would not be complete if we didn't talk about the trends of the season. These are our favourites, we've seen replicated across the UK and the world.

Vertical growing

Use your fencing as a structure to support vertical growing, especially fruit and veg. You can attach an additional trellis to the fence to provide climbing support for vines or creepers. Or you can attach hanging baskets to your fencing to provide colour up high.

Use fencing to create zones

A garden needs to do more than double duty these days. The garden is the new room of the house and as such, we need to make the most of it. If you have space, slatted wooden fencing can be used inside your garden to create screens for different areas. A dining area, a play area, a relaxing spot, the herb garden, the water feature. Whatever your different parts of the garden, use contemporary fencing to make your place feel bigger and add several rooms to your house.

Lighting your fencing

Using your fencing to create light around your outdoor space will make your garden feel effortlessly upmarket. Just like in your home, adding lighting brings warmth, texture and boosts the interior design of any space. A garden is no different. Choose lighting that fits your style but also can be practically installed and maintain easily.

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