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Garden Fence & Gate Ideas

Countryside garden gate and fence amongst trees

When your garden needs a gate, approach the buying process with the same dedication you would for any other household item. We've put together a list of garden fence and gate ideas to help you decide what combination to choose. Whether you are coming from a style perspective or a practical one, there are plenty of options out there.


Fencing Style Considerations

We'll first look at some style considerations when it comes to choosing a garden gate to go with your fencing. The general design focus is whether you want the gate to stand out or blend in.

Contrasting or Conventional Colours

One of the first things people will notice about your garden gate and fencing is the colour. Do you want the main colour of your gate to match the colour of your fencing? Or would you rather make the gate stand out with a complimentary, contrasting colour? A classic look using the same or similar colour on a gate will make your boundary look more uniform and can work excellently as a blank canvas. A contrasting gate colour, on the other hand, will create a more contemporary garden vibe and will highlight the gate as a focal point.

Differing Heights

The height of the fence can be used to conceal or draw the eye. As with colour, if you wish to make the gate a focal point you could opt for a gate size that is shorter or taller than your fence. If you would rather the gate blend in, then choosing one the same height as your fence will work best. As with fencing, ensure your gate's height is not too high from a legal standpoint.


One more option to consider from a design perspective is the material of the gate. And once again, this is in terms of whether you would like the gate to be more concealed or to pop. Utilising a different material, such as a metal gate with wooden fence panels, will provide a bold statement that highlights your gate as the entrance to the home. Using the same material, however, will make your boundary wall appear more robust and will draw the eye around the garden. At Contemporary Garden, all of our gates match our fence panels.


Gate Practical Considerations

It's not just about the looks though. No doubt you have some practical things to consider.

Security and Safety.

If you are providing an entrance into your garden, you want to make sure it's secure as possible. A gate that is the same height as the fence with a good locking mechanism will be the best option when safety is paramount. Taller gates and fencing will dissuade opportunistic thieves and make your home more secure. Having a solid, tall gate can also be ideal if dogs are playing in the garden. They will not be able to jump over a tall fence and for extra safety a double gate can be used to stop them bolting if one gate opens.


From a privacy perspective, height will help block out some prying eyes. However, it's not just about the height but the construction of the gate that will limit visibility. Metal gates, and often wooden ones, can be focused more on decorative elements. While this is visually pleasing, it does not afford much privacy. A solid gate or a double slatted fence panel gate will provide ultimate privacy while also being super stylish.


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