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How do I block out my neighbour’s view: Garden Privacy

 How do I block out my neighbour’s view


We don’t all have the luxury of a large garden in the country, hidden from view of the road and house, but we can make any outdoor space private with a few effective features. If you are overlooked by your neighbours from their house or garden you may ask, “how do I block out my neighbour’s view?”. It’s easy in many cases to create a little privacy for your backyard so you don’t feel like your curtain-twitching neighbours are always watching. 

Options to block out neigbour’s view

Fencing for Privacy

The most simple solution and the start of any garden boundary is to install a fence for the surround. Not only will it protect your property from intruders, but you will also block out your neighbours’ view directly from their garden into yours. It’s also essential if your garden sits on a road or an alleyway, so you can block the view of any member of the public that passes by. Fences are the easiest way to provide privacy and protection and they come in a huge array of types. Traditional panel fencing offers complete privacy but can be an old fashioned choice for a contemporary home. Slatted fencing panels provide great privacy on thin slatted options or more visibility for wide gapped choices. They also come in a large variety of styles allowing them to be used in various areas of your garden or for different looks. Fencing is essential to privacy but it will also provide the most security for your garden and home. Enclosing your boundary area is the ultimate solution when it comes to providing an isolated oasis in your gardens. 

Trees and shrubs to block neighbours’ views

If you would like a more green look, trees and shrubbery can offer a natural boundary to avoid your neighbours’ prying eyes. If you are looking for foliage to replace where a fence was or would traditionally go, you will need to purchase mature trees to ensure the maximum height and therefore privacy. This can be quite expensive if you are hoping to achieve a seamless border and you have a large area to cover. For a more cost-effective option, select one or two large bushes which can work with fencing or can be positioned to allow the topmost privacy. You can also select one particular area in your garden that you can create screening and create an oasis styled area for seating or loungers. If it is a smaller section of your garden this will reduce the cost but still allow you an element of privacy, especially in an urban environment.   

Screens & Parasols for temporary privacy

Movable items are a great option for blocking out a neighbours view. They are low cost, temporary and can be chosen to match your style. Screens can be permanent structures such as fencing, which can be installed to create partitioned sections within your garden but if you want more flexibility you can utilise free standing ones. Single or tri fold screens can be moved throughout your garden to shield you from prying eyes but they can also be used to create decorative elements in your home. Ensure you select screens that are lightweight enough to move by yourself or a friend without injury. But, don’t forget to secure them thoroughly so you don’t risk them tumbling over in high wind or if knocked in to. Another dual purpose freestanding option is a garden parasol or umbrella. An excellent, cost-effective option to protect against both rain and the sun, a parasol will offer good privacy in smaller gardens. Garden umbrellas come in endless styles and designs. You can pick patterns, colours, sizes in countless combinations as well as choose technical aspects most suited to your budget and lifestyle. From simple cantilever parasols to automatic, heated parasols at the luxury end of budgets. 

Sheds and Summer Houses

It may not be the most cost-effective option, but if you are already planning on constructing an outhouse, you could use it as an opportunity to screen your neighbour’s view. Think about the placement of your external building and whether it will adequately protect your garden from onlookers. Make sure you have any required planning position if it is a larger scale project and that you are not going to make your neighbour’s want to pry even more into your home. You can also extend the privacy of the structure by adding an awning or canopy to the side. This will provide that sort-after seclusion and can extend the life of your structure by protecting it against some of the elements. 

Privacy option summary

Here is our summary of the different garden privacy options:

  • Garden Fencing for privacy 
    • Complete privacy and security
    • Huge range of design options
    • Cost-effective for gardens, large and small
  • Using nature for privacy
    • Dappled privacy depending on usage and maturity of plants
    • Limited plant varieties that work for good coverage
    • Cost-effective when used in small gardens or for sectioning
  • Freestanding options
    • Moderate privacy when well placed
    • Largest variety of styles and design
    • Can be the cheapest option for a quick fix but many expensive luxury options too
  • Structures
    • Great privacy when well placed, plus can aid other privacy solutions
    • Many options, all dependent on what structure you need
    • Most expensive option if installed just for privacy, more of an added bonus

If you’d like to discuss how our fencing and platform systems can be used in your garden to provide privacy and seclusion, get in touch. Call us on 0114303052 or email us at, and we’ll help you find the right solution for your home.