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Child-Safe Fencing Ideas

Two children playing in a garden for the feature images of Child-Safe Fencing


Our gardens can be a little wedge of paradise and a great place for children to blow off energy, especially in the summer holidays. Making your garden fencing safe and secure will make you feel comfortable letting your children roam around and have fun without having to check up on them every two seconds. Here are our top tips and tricks on child-safe fencings and how you can keep your garden safe for your family.

Garden Fencing That Is Safe For Children

When installing, refurbing or changing a garden fence, you should always consider the safety of it, not just for children but for everyone in your family, including pets.

Properly Installed

The most important thing to consider about garden fencing is whether it is safe and will not cause harm to others. You should ensure that your fencing is properly installed and secure. A well-constructed fence will not have rough edges that cause splintering, concrete supports that are crumbling or nails and staples sticking out. If your fence has any of these issues, it could easily injure someone, especially small children. You also want to make sure that when it is installed it uses the correct posts and supports that are of the best quality. If the fence is not properly supported, it could easily be damaged by wind and could be a fall risk. Unfortunately, injury and sadly deaths have happened from falling fencing and so it's vital you build a fence correctly.


Another consideration to keep your children safe is choosing a fence that offers a good deal of privacy. This is especially important if your garden is overlooked by neighbours or a highway where you don't know who may be peering in. Our double slatted fence panels are a good option as they provide reduced visibility, maintaining privacy while creating a boundary around your property. Fences can stop people from looking in but they are also useful to stop your children from looking out. Depending on their age, they may be tempted to get out of the garden if they see an animal or even the ice cream van on the other side, so this added cover can take away a level of temptation. Unfortunately, a fence won't do anything about the Ice Cream van playing their music or bells. We'll leave that up to the parents.


A similar consideration to privacy is ensuring that your garden fence and boundary as a whole, is secure. This will stop intruders from entering the property and will make it harder for children to leave the garden. The first step would be to ensure any fencing or adjoining walls completely enclose the garden. Leaving gaps will allow people, big or small, as well as animals, to enter. The next point to protect is any entrance areas. Gates with locks on the inside that are too tall for young children to reach and key or combination locks will make your garden gate as secure as possible.

Screening Off High-Risk Areas

When we talk about garden fencing, people often think of just the boundary wall but you can also use fencing and screens in your garden to protect children from 'high risk' areas. Surrounding ponds or pools, BBQ areas and steep inclines or steps will stop children from wandering into areas where they need supervision. Creating these areas with fences and gates doesn't have to feel like a prison though. As these areas are internal structures, you can utilise single slatted fence panels to screen off areas for safety but they will still allow light and air to flow through. In many ways, this can create an interesting contemporary style as you hide your secret garden areas.

Choose Child-Friendly Garden Fencing

Our fencing panels come in several styles for various looks and functions. We manufacture all of our panels on-site in our workshop in Sheffield UK. All of our products are crafted and finished to a high degree so you will never experience rough edges or easily breakable components. Our fencing is easy to install and we provide all the necessary supports and posts to ensure it remains in place for years to come. If you have any questions about our products, please get in touch and one of the team will be happy to help.