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How To Cat Proof Your Garden

Cat proof garden for this cute little ginger kitten


Whether you love them or hate them, there's no doubt that cats can be a little pesky. Always getting into something you don't want them to or causing an unexpected mess. This can happen in the home but also the garden, so today we are going to talk a little about cat proofing your garden.

Keeping cats in or keeping them out?

The first thing we need to consider is whether you are looking to keep cats out of your garden, or you want to keep them in. Of course, this could be both as well. You may want to ensure the safety of your cats and kittens, while keeping out the neighbours pets. Once you know what your goal is you can choose what to do from the options below.

Cat-proof Garden Ideas

Thee majority of the ideas below are intended to keep a physical barrier between your garden and the outside world. Everything we suggest below is intended to dissuade cats and we would never recommend any products or item that could hurt an animal. Please do plenty of research to ensure you do not hurt an animal accidently, including other people's pets and wildlife.

Cat Proof Fencing

This has to be the go to options for most people when considering how to stop cats invading your boundary, or your pet escaping. Depending on whether you want to keep cats in or out of the garden will help you decide what product to install.

  • Spiked caps - Fencing caps can be either replaced or have attachments added which are covered in spikes. These spikes will dissuade a cat from trying to hop the fence as the spikes will be uncomfortable to walk on. Never opt for metal or rigid plastic as this could hurt an animal. Look for soft plastics like silicon. They will still make a cat uncomfortable, keeping them off the fence but they won't damage their paws. This option will work for both keeping pets in and out of the garden.
  • Internal overhang fence - These clever devices attach to the existing fence to stop cats from getting over the fence. They are made from mesh or wire and are attached at intervals across the fencing to create an overhanging frame that makes it difficult for cats to scale. Cat's don't usually climb in an inverted position so this type of fencing will keep most cats in your yard.
  • Rotating tops - This is a good addition to a fence for your cat that is set on scaling the wall. Pre-made rollers can be installed on the top of a fence that will spin as soon as your cat touches them. This will stop the cat ever being able to get purchase on the fence making it impossible to hop over. We've also seen people make DIY version with varying degrees of success but lots of laughs when the cat's attempt it for the first time.

Creating a cat only Zone

Sometimes we don't necessarily have the right kind of fencing for the above options. You might also have a very large garden where this may be an impractical option. The best option, in this case, is to create a cat only zone. Sometimes referred to as a cattery. You use mesh and a structure to create an outdoor living space that your cat cannot escape from. There are even premade ones you can buy. Essentially, with this approach, you create an area like a birdcage that you know your cat will be safe in. This is also an amazing option for those living in flats or apartments without much outdoor space. We've seen them on balconies and very small back yards. It's an inexpensive but ideal option for many cat lovers.

Strong Smells

If you want to keep cats out of your garden, but don't have the budget or facilities for the fencing additions, you can try to keep cats out with natural barriers. Many cats do not like strong scents such as herbs or citrus. Spraying your fencing with orange or lemon oil could keep some pets away. Placing lavender, rosemary and other strong-smelling plants at your boundaries can also ward off certain cats. Fresh mint is particularly effective but be careful where you plant it as it can be very invasive if not kept in check. With these natural repellents, you may have to try different combinations but it's an inexpensive and natural way to deal with pests.

Contemporary Garden Fencing.

While we don't currently offer any cat proof fencing items, we do create stunning contemporary fencing for your home. We pride ourselves on designing and crafting quality timber products for our customers. If you are more of a dog person, we also have an article on Garden Fencing Ideas for Dogs to keep them safe and sound. And if you'd like to encourage more animals into your garden, check out our article on How to Encourage Wildlife in your Garden.