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What is a double slatted fence?

Double Slatted Fence Panel example


If you're looking to discover what double slatted fencing is, you've come to the right place. In this guide, we'll explain the basic definition of what makes double slatted fence panels. Plus, how they are different to the classic single slatted horizontal fence panels you frequently see in contemporary garden design. We'll share the benefits of the double slatted style and when you should use them in your garden


Double Slatted Fences. What are they?

Double slatted fence panels are created by sandwiching vertical posts between two rows of alternate horizontal slates. In this way, you have one side of a fence panel with the traditional horizontal slats but the other side also has the full panel of vertical slats. The position of the slats alternates, creating the appearance of a fully solid fence panel.

How Are Double Slatted Fences Different to Single Slatted Fences

The only real difference between double and single slatted fence panels is the construction. Wooden single slatted fencing has only one row of slats which are spaced evenly along with the posts. Because they are spaced apart and are only placed on one side of a panel, you can see through the fencing when in position. Single slatted fencing panels provide a lot of light into a space and do not block your view fully from your property. They are a beautiful, contemporary addition to your outdoor space. Double slatted fence panels, on the other hand, are almost completely closed, reducing visibility and light filtration. You can see a little through the panels if you look very carefully up close, but from a distance and even from right up against the fence you will not be able to see directly into a garden or house.


How & Why to use Double Slatted Fencing in the Garden

While single slatted are gorgeous fencing options in their own right, but many people choose to opt for double slatted because of several added benefits.

For Privacy

The main advantage of Double slatted, horizontal fences is that they maximise privacy. A double slatted fence will block out pretty much all visibility of your garden from the otherside. Even if you came up close to the fence, you could only see a very small amount of garden by looking vertical down through the slats. This makes it an excellent option for the security-conscious or homes that are overlooked by nosy neighbours or a public highway. Ensure you don't block another person's view though!

For Sound Reduction

Another bonus of having a solid fence around your property is noise reduction. If you are situated on a busy road or in a city centre, you may want to choose double slatted fencing. By having that extra layer of slats you will reduce the noise that can penetrate your garden. This happens in two ways. Firstly, the extra layer blocks sound simply by being a thicker material. Secondly, the positioning of the slats in an alternate sequence allows sounds to bounce off more easily, rather than be absorbed as with a solid panel. This works in the same way as soundproofing does in a music studio.

For Style

Another reason for choosing double slatted fencing over traditional solid fence panels is the style. The horizontal fence panel style is a mainstay of contemporary garden design. The benefits of sound reduction and privacy we've discussed can be solved by using classic fence panels but they don't have the desired look many people are looking for. For anyone that wants the style and the practical benefits of slatted panels and traditional panels, double slatted options are the perfect option for you.


Shop Double Slatted Fence Panels

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