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What Colour Fence Paint Makes A Garden Look Bigger

What Colour Fence Paint Makes A Garden Look Bigger


If you have a small garden or yard, you are probably looking for the best way to maximize the space and make it feel larger than it is. One way to do this is through different colour fencing. By using the right shade, you can make even the smallest of gardens feel like a luxuriously large paradise. Today we'll discuss the best colour fence paint to use to make the garden look bigger, as well as other painting and decorating tips for your small garden.

Best Fence Colour to Make a Garden Bigger

In general, light, cool-coloured paint shades in a garden colour scheme will make a small space feel larger. This is the same with interior design styling: using white and light shades will help light bounce off surfaces and draw the eye to other light sources. All of these add to a feeling of expansiveness. Brighter, deeper colours or darker shades will have the opposite effect. They will make a space feel smaller and perhaps cosier. But if you are looking to make your garden feel bigger, then light colours are the way to go. These are our top picks for lighter shades.


Opting for an off-white colour like eggshell will provide that light and bright shade you need but with a warmer touch. White is great but in an outside environment, it can quickly fade or become grubby. By choosing something like eggshell you can make your garden feel larger but also stay classy for longer.

Stone Grey

Grey is the ultra-modern white alternative. While darker shades may make a space more intimate, a light, stone grey will expand your outdoor space while still bringing that stylish, contemporary vibe to your garden. Greys are a great neutral to build from and offer an alternative to pale colours which will get noticeably dirtier quicker.

Pastel Green

We love pastels of any colour but love the subtle shade of pastel green. This Cottagecore style colour will add a bit more whimsy to your English country cottage garden, plus will make your space feel brighter and airier.

Lighter shades still not your thing? It's okay, you can choose whatever colour fits your style and garden. See more ideas for garden fence colours here.

Should You Paint your Fence?

Now you might have decided the shade you want, but stop right there before proceeding. Have you thought about whether you should paint your fence in the first place? Painting or staining your fence are both ways of 'treating' timber fencing after the fence panels have been made. But the vast majority of timber for garden fencing is already treated to protect it against the elements. Our wooden fencing is made from tanalised timber and has a 15-year guarantee against rot. This treatment protects against insect and water damage. However, as the panels are exposed to the elements, the colour will fade from as-seen to a silvery grey. This can be prevented by using a clear oil. Alternatively, the panels can be painted or oiled to prevent this. Painting, oiling and staining, when done correctly, can extend your fences' life further by adding an additional barrier, plus they can produce different, beautiful designs in your garden. If you'd like to find out more before deciding to paint your fence, read our article, Should I Paint My Fence?.

Buy Pre-coloured Garden Fencing

If you would rather not paint or stain your fence, why not opt for pre-coloured garden fencing. This way you can get the exact shade you want without the hassle of painting. Our Tempo Vibe Slatted Fence Panels come in five different contemporary shades. But we also offer a full-colour match service. This means you are able to tie into existing colour schemes in your garden, allowing our slatted panels to suit your vision. The unique modular design means the panel can be used both as cladding, a decking border or as a fence panel. Simply add panels to make up your desired height and create a light feel in your garden. Part of our hugely popular Tempo Range, Tempo Vibe is perfect for small spaces as the panels' slatted design elegantly elongates any area. Get in touch to discuss your colour fencing needs. If you need more decorative garden fencing inspiration, read more here.