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Decorative Garden Fencing Ideas

Decorative Garden fencing ideas - Paintbrushes in front of pastel painted fence

Today we are going to provide some inspiration and thoughts on decorative garden fencing ideas. Many people think of garden fencing as a put up and leave it thing. But we think garden fencing can be so much more than just a way to mark the boundary of your property. Whatever your style, make your garden an extension of your home. Bring your interior design flare out into the open.

Stylish Garden Fencing Ideas

Below is a list of stylish garden fencing ideas to add a little bit of interest to your outdoor space.

Colourful ideas

Garden fences tend to come in the same few colours but why not choose something more unusual. Whether you prefer an updated traditional look or a cute English cottage style, there are colour options for every style. Fencing can even be more than one colour. You could colour the supports and posts a different colour to add contrast or complement the main panel. Two-toned colours on the panel is another unique way to add interest to your garden. There are no rules when it comes to painting or buying coloured fencing, so choose something that you love. At Contemporary Garden we have our own colour match service for our Tempo Vibe range so you can get exactly what you want.

Light it up

Adding lighting to your garden fencing will allow you to utilise the garden when the sun goes down and adds a beautiful look at dusk. When choosing garden fence lighting, you need to consider:

  • Where you want to place the lights
  • Do you need them to be portable
  • How they will be powered
  • What style you want.

There are many options for lighting your garden and using your boundary fencing can ensure your garden is well lit at all times.

Choose Contemporary Fence Panels

Choosing contemporary garden fencing is a great idea for those who like to wow their visitors. Traditional fencing tends to blend in to the background, while slatted horizontal fencing makes a statement. Choosing contemporary fencing will make your garden feel more modern, put together and polished. Slatted fencing is a beautiful way to make your garden appear larger than it is by drawing the eye along the length. If privacy is a concern you can opt for double slatted fencing panels, which have the same contemporary look with reduced visibility. Read more about the different types of slatted fencing here.

Add Shine

Adding a reflective item to a garden fence can be a simple way to draw your attention around the garden. Using mirrors or glass in a garden space adds more light and makes the space feel larger. By adding these elements to your garden fencing it will ensure this mass of material feels more integrated in to the space. You can hang ornaments from a fence or you can even mount mirrors to the fencing.

Add decorations to fencing

Decorations hung on a fence is one way to add further fun or style to a garden design. You can utilise hanging decorations such as windchimes, hanging plant pots or birdhouses. You can also add decorations directly to the fence such as signage and artwork. Just ensure that anything you attach uses galvanised steel to ensure your fencing remains damage free from rot and rust stains.

Grow plants

Gardening fencing is a great support for many vine or climbing plants. Most plants will crawl up a fence unaided, especially slatted fencing. The tiny grappling hook-like roots that climbing plants have will latch on to most surfaces. However, you can help them out by providing additional stakes, hooks and ties along the way. Make sure that any attachments you add will not damage your fence.

Choose your garden fencing

We hope we've given you some garden fencing ideas for your home. Pinterest and Houzz is a great place to find inspiration and trends. If you would like to add a contemporary feel to your garden, check out our range of garden fencing options. If you have any questions about our bespoke or colour match services, please get in touch.