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How Do You Protect A Fence From The Wind?

How Do You Protect A Fence From The Wind?


Autumn is definitely here and with the change of the seasons, we start to think of what we need to prepare in our home for the winter. That also includes your garden. With colder days come high winds, so how can you protect a fence from the wind in these autumn months? Today, we'll take you through some things to look out for when protecting your garden fencing from blustery days.

Protect Fencing From The Wind

Garden fencing is incredibly susceptible to damage from the elements. Outside in all sorts of weather 24/7, your garden fence can take a battering. Here are some ways you can ensure your garden fence panels stand the test of time and are protected against the wind.

Buying Quality Garden Fence Panels

Your first port of call when it comes to protecting your fence from the wind is to buy quality fence panels in the first place. A garden fence that is well built from quality materials using tanalised timber will always last longer against the elements than cheap, poor-quality panelling. Choose a fencing company that is well established and has great reviews. Plus, ensure you choose garden fence panels that work for you and your garden.

Safe and Secure

Once you've purchased your garden fencing, ensure it is built correctly. Wind damage is often caused by incorrectly built fencing. If the posts and supports are not adequately positioned, or the panels are not attached securely, they will bend and flex in the wind more readily. This movement causes micro-tears and distortion over time. Ultimately, this weakens the hardware, bends supports and will weaken the structural integrity of the panels. Eventually, you may find the fence is pulled away completely from its support which can potentially be dangerous to people, pets and to nearby buildings or objects.

Protected Against The Elements

The wind is not the only element to look out for, sun and rain can also damage your fence panels. If these other elements harm your fencing, wind damage is more likely to occur because the garden fence is weaker overall. Protecting your fencing is not just about the wind but all weather patterns. Using tanalised timber is the first place to start, but you can also maintain protection with minimal work. Paints, stains and oils can all add to the protection of your fence against sun and rain. Most of these surface protections should be applied each year to ensure protection, but it's a small job compared to replacing your fence after 5 years.

Plant Problems or A Solution?

One thing you may not have considered when protecting your fence from the wind is the proximity of plants. Plants can protect fencing from wind or can be the cause of the damage.

A large or medium-sized tree or bush can easily be blown against a fence in strong winds. This can damage a fence if branches are particularly tough. High winds frequently take off great big branches of large trees, which can fly into your fencing causing havoc. Cutting back trees and pruning dead or dying branches is vital for safety, not just for fences but for you and your neighbours too.

On the other hand, you can use plants as windbreaks. For a garden that gets lots of strong winds, planting hedges or dense bushes with a fence can reduce wind damage. Opt for fast-growing varieties with dense foliage or buy established bushes from nurseries to get immediate protection.

Garden Fencing Options

If you are looking for quality fencing for your garden that will stay strong come rain, shine or storm, look no further than Contemporary Garden. We produce our signature horizontal slatted fence panels in a variety of styles and configurations. All are produced from tanalised timber with a 15 -year guarantee against rot. Any questions, just let our team know.