How Much Value Does A Nice Garden Add To A House

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How Much Does A Nice Garden Add To The Value Of A House

How Much Does A Nice Garden Add To The Value Of A House


The property market has seen some dramatic changes in 2020 and 2021. If you're looking to sell your home or just want to make some improvements, you may be wondering how much a nice garden can add to the value of your house. The short answer is surprisingly a lot. Read on to find out how much your value could boost, plus what to do to make the biggest improvements to your outdoor space.

A Nice Garden Can Boost your Property Value

The pandemic has certainly meant people are on the hunt for properties with outdoor space. Everyone has wanted to make the most of their garden during lockdown so it makes sense that demand for quality gardens is growing, especially in urban areas. Foxton estate agent's research shows that while over 20% of Britons only spend a maximum of 2 hours in their garden every month, 62% of people answering their survey said that having a garden or outdoor space is important to them when finding the perfect property. Insurance specialists, AXA, found that the average UK household spent £473 in a year on their gardens, the potential return was more than four times that at £1,954. While a study from AA found having garden space on your property can lift its value by 5 per cent. Small improvements to your garden could not only raise the value of the house but also make it more likely to sell quickly.

How To Improve your Garden for Viewings

If you are ready to start improving your garden, here are some of the key things to consider improving.

Secure Sheds & Garages

One of the biggest reasons for the increased desire for gardens is more space. Living in our homes for close to 18 months meant many people craved more space in their homes. An extension of that is more storage space to alleviate smaller living spaces. A shed or garage is one thing in a garden that can provide neat storage for gardening tools, furniture or additional items. Having secure, safe and easily accessible outbuildings can certainly boost the value of your garden and home. Just ensure that any outside storage is robust and not easily broken into, this is a key priority for outdoor buildings.

Garden Fencing

Quality gardening fencing will make your garden look polished and maintain privacy from your neighbours. By updating your garden fence panels before putting your property on the market, you will drastically improve the curb appeal of the house. The first impression is everything when you have potential buyers. A solid, contemporary fence will ensure the boundary looks secure and the home well kept.


A neat and beautiful garden will help potential buyers see themselves living here. Just like why we decorate our homes to make them more neutral, a plain but pretty garden will help the buyer feel at home. It's all about showcasing the potential. Landscaping your garden, either by yourself or using professionals, will give you the right kind of curb appeal and boost your prospects.

Potted Plants

No big budget for landscaping? Potted plants can give your garden that little lift you need. If your outdoor space is quite plain, then a collection of potted plants by the entranceways can make it feel homier. This is an inexpensive way to add colour, movement and appeal to the outdoor space. You could be surprised what a hanging basket or two could do for your enquiries and the overall price of the house.

Don't forget the neighbours

Unfortunately, it's not just about your garden, it's about your neighbours garden too! According to Foxton's, 24% of Britons will take into account the state of the neighbour’s garden when searching for a property. While it can be difficult to have these conversations, you can ask your neighbours to tidy up their garden if you've got viewings coming up. If you get on with them well, we are sure they'll be happy to keep things neat. Or if they hate you, they'll want to see you go as quickly as possible. Win-win really.

Improving Your Garden

If you are looking for other ways to improve your garden, check out our blog for more inspiration. We provide a variety of contemporary fencing options with all the necessary extras like posts, gates and capping. Get in touch if you can't find what you are looking for, or would like to use our colour match service.