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Garden Ideas for Summer Fun in 2021

people having a bbq for some summer fun in the garden

If last year taught us anything, it's that the garden should be just as much a part of your home as other rooms. With this in mind, we have put together some of our favourite summer fun ideas for the garden this 2021. This includes child-friendly fun for the kids, but you can still do all these activities as adults too. Let's just pray the rain holds off.

Summer Garden Ideas

Garden fun is all about the laid back approach. It doesn't have to be a big day or expensive. The majority of these ideas can be recreated with items you already have at home or just picking up a handful of things from the supermarket.


Everybody loves a BBQ in the summer but not everyone has access to one. So why not create a picnic vibe instead. A summer picnic is easy to recreate and it's simply about creating delicious food and drink that is easy to eat on a picnic blanket. The only thing you really need is the blanket and the choice of tasty treats is up to you. If you want to make it feel like a bit of an adventure, dress up in your favourite frocks, put all your items in a cute hamper or basket and wander around the block back to your own garden. This is a great option for kids too. You can take them for a wander while another adult sets up the picnic. A nice surprise for when they return. Bonus points if they each bring a cuddly toy to turn it into a teddy bears' picnic.

Sports Day

Feeling nostalgic? how about a backyard sports day. This can be just as much fun for adults as well as kids. Just include some appropriate prizes for your winners. Here are a few sports day activities to try that don't need a lot of room, perfect for even the smallest garden.

  • The good old egg and spoon race. Hard boil for less messy when someone inevitably drops one.
  • Limbo challenge. You only need a broom and someone to hold it to create a quick game. Just keep an ice pack on hand for the over-enthusiastic adults in the group.
  • Tug of war. A thick rope from any hardware store will do to create this fun team challenge. Draw a line on the ground in chalk or non-toxic grass paint to mark the line.

Treasure Hunt

This has got to be one of our favourites. Create a treasure hunt in your garden and make it as easy or as difficult as the guests need. There are several ways to create a scavenger hunt. One is more a team effort and the other an individual race.

  • Treasure hunt map or clues - These ones are for the teams, You can either provide a map, piece of a map or a clue that leads to another clue. Hide each clue/map in a different place in the garden. The original clue will lead the group to the next one and so forth until they find the "buried treasure". The clues could be riddles or drawings. Have some fun
  • Scavenger Hunt - Provide a list of items people have to find in the garden. If this is for kids, you can use it as an opportunity for a little bit of garden education. Finding items like leaves, flowers, twigs can be fun to find. A great way to encourage a love of wildlife and plants.
  • Easter Egg hunt - If you want something a little less challenging, choose an easter egg hunt style treasure hunt. Use a big group of the same object and hide them around the garden. Whoever has the most of the object at the end of the day wins the prize.

Cocktail Class

This one is definitely for the adults. Instead of bring your own booze, turn the party into a bring your own cocktail. Ask each guest to bring all the ingredients they would need to make their favourite cocktail. Then each person can take it in turns to make their chosen cocktails for everyone and all the guests gets to vote on their favourite one. If you want to make it more of a challenge, each person can show the other guests how to make the cocktail. Just make sure you have enough glassware and ice!

More Garden Inspiration

If you want more garden inspiration for the summer, check out our blog. We share tips and advice on garden fencing, lighting, landscaping and planting. We also share our favourite design and planting trends for contemporary garden spaces. Whatever you do this summer, make the most out of your garden.