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What is the cost of garden fencing?

What is the cost of garden fencing?

Do you want a beautiful boundary but don’t know the cost of garden fencing? We are here to help with an overview of what you can expect to pay for fencing. We’ll also cover in this article how you can work out the overall cost for your garden, not to mention some things you might forget about. 

The Cost Of Garden Fence Panels

Fencing comes in a wide range of styles and types. Costs can range from £20 per panel through to £150 or more for unique designs. As with many products, the higher the cost the higher the quality of the product whether in terms of design, material or build. Just make sure that the fencing company can back up any claims they make about the quality of their fence panels. Don’t forget the cost of any fence posts, supports or hardware you will need to put the fence in place as these are additional parts often forgotten when it comes to pricing up.

How To Work Out The Cost Of Garden Fencing

The are three main areas to look at when figuring out the cost of your garden fencing; type of fencing chosen, size of your garden or yard and the installation.

Type of garden fencing needed

The first thing to decide when looking for the best garden fencing for your home is why you need fencing. Are you looking at fencing that is decorative and provides a beautiful addition to your garden or are your requirements purely practical such as for security? Prices will vary depending on the style and design. You must also make a choice on the material you would most like for your fencing. Whether metal, plastic or timber, you should choose the material that best matches your requirements, but remember that it will affect the price.

Plastic is the cheapest option but it is often poorer quality and often needs replacing more frequently. Metal is robust but by far the most expensive option. Timber is more expensive than plastic but can last decades when treated properly, plus it has countless design options.

Size of garden fencing needed

Now you have the type of fencing in mind and hopefully scouted out a product you are interested in, you should next figure out the size of the area you need to fence. You need to measure the length of the area you wish to cover and then divide that by the size of the fencing panel length to see how many you need. This isn’t always straight forward as they may not fit neatly along all lengths of your garden so you maybe need to use half panels. You should also consider the height you want the fencing to be. Some panels come as a standard 6ft height but there are many products out there that can be shorter or taller depending on the area you are wanting to fence. The basic rule, of course, is the more fencing you use the more you will pay.

Installation costs of garden fencing

If you are pretty handy then you may want to install your garden fencing yourself but if you would rather a tradesperson do it, then you need to add their rates to the cost of your garden fence. When installing a fence, the area needs to be cleared, marked out, holes dug and supports or extras placing as needed. Once this is completed then the fence can be put in place and levelled off if required. Though installing a fence is a relatively straight forward job, all these aspects do take time and can add up to a larger bill than you might expect. Installing fencing should be done by at least two people from a safety perspective, so once again this will add to the cost as you’ll be paying for at least two tradespeople. 

Pre-made garden fence panels or bespoke garden fencing

If you have a uniquely shaped garden or lots of different boundary types, it could actually be more cost-effective to use a bespoke garden design service. Pre-made panels do not provide you with much flexibility unless you are willing to do a bit of DIY. If you make a mistake when purchasing or constructing the fence, then you can easily spend more than your anticipated budget. Choosing a bespoke service means you can leave the thinking and the risk in the hands of the professionals. They will be able to provide a quotation for the work so you will know the upfront costs. If any mistakes are made in the materials or fitting then its the fencing company’s responsibility to rectify it.

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