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How to Transport Fence Panels

How to Transport Fence Panels with a transit van

You've finally found the perfect garden fencing! But, how are you going to transport fence panels home without damaging them? You don't want your beautiful investment to be damaged at the final hurdle. Read on to find out the best way to transport fence panels so they make it into place intact.

Transporting Fence Panels Safely

While most timber fencing is pretty robust, especially when you've purchased it brand new from a reputable retailer, they still need to be transported with care. Fence panels can easily be broken or cracked if they fall. They can warp if held in an incorrect position for too long as well. Furthermore, the finish can be damaged or scraped off if the panel hits something hard. Here's how to safely transport fence panels back home.

Pay for Delivery

It may seem obvious but pay for the delivery. Sometimes it may appear quite expensive compared to the purchase of your panels but it's worth it. When you get your retailer to deliver them you have their guarantee they will arrive safely. If they are damaged in transit, it's up to the company to replace them. They will be paying professional delivery drivers who should be trained in handling the panelling correctly. This will also reduce the risk of damage. A delivery charge ensures the costs of the van, driver and handlers are paid for.

Rent a Van

If you have access to or can rent a van, this will be the easiest option but may cost a lot less than a retailer delivering. Hiring a large enough transit van will provide you with ample room to fit many fence panels in. When selecting a van, ensure you use the fence panel measurements to determine whether they will fit. It's a big waste of time and money if the rental van doesn't actually fit the fencing in when you arrive. When loading fencing into the van, make sure they are anchored into place securely. Wedge them together to stop movements and use ropes and ties to secure them. You can also place bubble wrap or foam in between gaps to reduce movement further and stop the fence panels from scraping on each other.

Secure in Your Car

If you only have access to a car, you have two options. Secure it to the roof or fit it in the boot. This will only work if you have the right equipment and space, so only transport fence panels in this way if it is safe to do so. A roof rack will be able to take several fence panels if they can be secured safely. If they are particularly large panels it may make it unsafe to drive so proceed with caution. The boot is the other option, with some cars having a wide enough capacity for some fence panels. You may have to have the boot open but ensure it is secured down to the tow bar if one is fitted. As long as the load is safely secured and it does not overhang by the legal amount, you are allowed to transport fence panels in this way.

Get Free Delivery

This, however, is clearly the best option. Choose a fencing company that offers free delivery. At Contemporary Gardens we are currently offering free delivery on all orders. We deliver to mainland UK free of charge to all our retail customers. We offer a service where you can select your delivery date. You can choose this when checking out on the cart page. For more information view our shipping policy.

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