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How to enjoy your garden in the rain

How to enjoy your garden in the rain

We’ve had some glorious weather this year, and with many of us spending a lot more time at home we’ve had plenty of opportunities to take pleasure in the garden. You may have even discovered how to enjoy your garden like never before. Unfortunately, there is plenty of wet weather to follow a sunny weekend and it feels a shame to miss out on the garden even on a rainy summer’s day. So, let’s talk about the things you can do to enjoy your garden in the rain.

Enjoy your garden even if it’s raining

Most people don’t enjoy sitting or standing around in the rain, especially if it’s also cold and windy. However, for the past few years, we’ve experienced some incredibly warm weeks during British summertime that includes thunderstorms and downpours. Even with the rain coming down, we are still experiencing temperatures in the high twenties and even thirties so it can still be a good temperature to sit outside and enjoy your surroundings. Below are the best ways to enjoy and dare we say embrace the tropical weather.

Create a comfortable covered seating area

One essential way that will allow you to spend more time outdoors is to create a covered seating area. 

  • You can use a covered pergola, awning or canopy for a roof that protects from the rain. 
  • Existing walls, fencing or additional dividers can create shelter if there is a bit of wind.  
  • A raised seating area can ensure feet and furniture are well away from any pooling water
  • Consider outside lamps and heaters, these can be turned on easily if the temperature starts to drop below what you find comfortable.

Not only will these various parts protect you and family from the elements, but they also make an enjoyable place to eat and entertain no matter the weather.

Make use of movable furnishings

Utilise existing furniture in your garden for rainy days by either moving into a covered area or covering the furniture in place. If you are on the lookout for new freestanding furniture and can move it undercover for rainy times, consider the weight and movability as well as design. If you will have trouble moving these elements around your property then it’s best to go for a built-in seating area to avoid injury. The addition of a parasol to existing tables and chairs is an easy and cost-effective addition to the garden that can protect from rain as well as sun. 

Get gardening no matter the weather

Some of us will embrace the wet weather and feel like getting out there even when others consider it torrential. There are several things in the garden, especially in the veg patch, that are perfect to do while it’s raining out and are actually more beneficial.

  • Planting out any potted plants that are ready to be transplanted into flower and veg beds. The extra moisture will reduce the shock of transplanting, especially if the rain is followed by very hot dry days. Just ensure that there is plenty of drainage and that water is not pooling in the place you are planting.
  • Overseed the lawn - If you’ve got a few bad patches in the grass or your whole lawn has seen better days, a few wet days are perfect for reseeding the lawn. The extra moisture will encourage germination and you’ll soon have a healthy looking lawn again.
  • Harvest those vegetables that like cool weather - Some vegetables and fruits benefit from being picked in the midday sun such as tomatoes and strawberries but others enjoy the cooler times for harvest. Lettuces of all varieties, greens such as spinach and sorrel and all types of leafy herbs benefit from being picked during the rain, as they have a high water content.

Bring the outdoors in

If you are still not convinced on how to enjoy your garden in the rain, then perhaps you're more of an indoor person after all. That doesn’t mean however that you cannot enjoy what the garden normally has to offer throughout those summer storms. Bring the plants indoors by starting or expanding your houseplant collection. There are hundreds of plants to choose from. Whether you are a beginner or experienced plant parent, there is a large range of sizes, shapes and colours from a few pounds to bigger budgets. We love succulents and cacti as they are very easy to care for and instantly bring life into the home. Another way to make your home more open to the outside is to open up the windows to let the heat, fresh air and sounds of nature into your home. Not only do many of us find the sound of raindrops relaxing, but it can also help regulate the temperature in the home, which is vital on those hot nights. Just make sure the windows aren’t going to let the rain into your room, especially if the forecast is set to be heavy.

Design an oasis

If you’d like our help in creating a contemporary garden design that allows you to enjoy your garden in the rain, then we are here to help. We offer a fully bespoke design service and can help you achieve an outdoor space for entertaining, relaxing or simply enjoying the pleasures of the garden. Contact us at or 0114 303 5052, let’s create the perfect garden for your home.