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Global Supply & Timber Shortage 2021: What You Need To Know

Global Supply & Timber Shortage 2021: truck with logs on it


In recent years, the UK has had easy access to a plentiful stock of materials with extremely short lead times. With the difficulties of the pandemic and the high global demand for timber and related construction products, we are seeing a global supply crisis unfold right now in 2021. This global supply shortage has affected Contemporary Garden but also thousands of businesses nationally. Here is some important information about the global supply and timber shortage as well as its effect on Contemporary Garden orders.


A Global Supply Shortage Worldwide

Building materials are running in short supply in the UK and globally, leaving DIY projects in doubt and building and landscaping companies under pressure. There are several reasons why everyone is experiencing shortages:

  • The pandemic saw an increase in construction projects, both domestic and commercial. This increased the demand for goods involved in these projects.
  • The warmer winter affected timber production, especially in Scandinavia, and the colder winter weather in Texas affected the production of many chemicals, plastics and polymers.
  • Due to the pandemic, and exacerbated by the Suez Canal incident in March 2021, shipping costs have risen and with this lead times have increased drastically.
  • Brexit - This has especially affected the UK, and has seen price rises for many building materials from a goods perspective but also from a shipping price increase too.

As you can see the global supply shortage has come about through environmental and economic factors. For more information on the current supply network, read these news pieces:


Timber Shortage Worldwide

While the global supply shortage is affecting all sorts of construction type businesses, it's the timber shortage that is causing lots of issues for our industry. The Timber Trade Federation (TTF) has highlighted some concerning outcomes of the 2021 Timber supply chain and discussed the unique issues facing Britain.

The UK saw massive growth in timber needs during the first lockdown in 2020. This depleted stockpiled timber that had been saved for the pending Brexit transition. The 2020 demand in the USA for construction projects saw an even larger growth and so many European suppliers directed goods there to increase profits. As the consumer demand for timber products in the UK is still very high, saw millers have had no opportunity to catch up and restore their stock to the levels previously held in the UK before the pandemic.

For more information on the timber shortage, read these articles:


How Is It Affecting Contemporary Garden?

We are as affected as any other construction company in the UK. The timber shortage has particularly affected us because:

  • The shortage of timber from Scandinavian companies means that those British companies that would have used the Scandinavian timber are now using up the FSC UK timber that we use. This has led to increased lead times for us to gain our principal material.
  • The shortage of other construction goods such as steel products and components has increased the lead time for creating our products as we have had to wait for these additional materials too.

Because the lead time to receive our materials has increased, this has directly increased the lead times for our customers.


Has My Contemporary Garden Order Been Affected?

Yes, it is very likely that your individual order has been affected by the global supply shortage.

We appreciate your patience with us as we try our best to get our products delivered to you as quick as possible, without compromising on the high standards of our production process. If you have a query about your particular order, you can email the team at or call 0114 303 5052. Please have your order number and order details to hand.