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Gifts for Gardeners

Gifts for Gardeners - Wrapped presents in front of a Christmas tree

It’s the season of giving and just because it’s looking grey out there doesn’t mean your gardener friends don’t still want to potter outside. Here is our comprehensive list of gifts for gardeners. From small stocking sized gifts and larger more expensive luxury finds, you are sure to find amazing gifts for gardeners in your life. 

Practical Gifts for Gardeners

There is always something on a gardeners wish list that is probably super practical.


A quick and easy stocking stuffer or an extra little gift, gloves are perfect. Gardeners go through gloves quickly so they will always be welcome. You can choose some heavy-duty ones, thinner, dextrous ones or even some patterned cotton ones for lighter activities. No matter the kind, just make sure you get the right size for the recipient.

Hand tools

A good set of hand tools will always be an appreciated gift. You can go for something common like a good pair of secateurs, just focus on quality products. You can also choose something a bit unusual they may not have like a dibber.  However, If you feel they have plenty of good quality tools you could get them a tool maintenance kit.

Larger tools

You could really treat your loved ones to a power tool they’ve had their eye on and would make there gardening jobs a lot easier. Items like garden shredders, strimmers or a wheel barrel can all be great gifts for gardeners. For larger items, It’s best to ask them if there is something particular they need to the garden so you don’t buy something they already have.

Decorative Garden Gifts

It’s always nice to give something beautiful. This is especially true for the gardener who has everything. The gift ideas below are decorative but they also serve a practical purpose too.

Bird and insect homes

Birdhouses or insect homes are wonderful gifts for gardeners who love nature. There are countless designs in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours. If your friend or family member loves a particular animal, do some research before you buy. You can purchase products that are made to encourage specific insects and birds. Some bird boxes can be too small or big for certain varieties which some insect homes can be more suited to bugs over bees. 

Outdoor clock

A clock is something frequently missing from the garden, so it’s a good gift option. They come in a massive array of styles, so find one that mixes well with their garden aesthetic. You can find ones that have a temperature and weather measurement features as well as rainfall gauges. 

Water features

If you are looking for a more luxurious gift item, a water feature is a wonderful addition to any garden space. Some need mains power while others just need solar power, so look for an option that is suitable for the space it is intended. Although some water features are priced in the thousands, there are many affordable options that are beautiful quality for less than a few hundred and some for even less than fifty pounds. 

Take a little care

Gardeners love gardening but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with a little sacrifice. Give some self-care gifts for gardeners to keep their health in tip-top condition

Hand care

Hand creams, balms and protectors and all affordable and valuable gifts for gardeners. Your hands can take a lot of battering during a day at the allotment so looking after the hands is key. Choose scents you know they’ll love and make sure to include a pair of gloves as well. 

Kneeling pad

Kneeling pads are a great option no matter the gardener’s age. You can find designs in lots of colours and materials. Firstly, make sure you select one that has a waterproof side. This will make the kneeling pad longer lasting and easier to clean. You can also find personalised garden kneelers to make the gift even more special.

A Chair

All the hard work is worth it to sit back and view your accomplishments. Get your gardener friend a chair to view their masterpiece.  We love these personalised Deckchairs as they are lightweight and easy to carry around the garden. 

Grow something

A gardener’s main passion is to grow things, so the best thing we can think to give them is what they want.


If they love creating floral arrangements, then a collection of bulbs can be a wonderful gift. Select a specific theme and stick to it. For instance, you could choose Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter planting bulbs. Maybe you can select bulbs in a colour palette or other design theme. Or why not could choose some lesser-known varieties for them to try. 


Selecting seeds can be really fun for gardeners but they are often looking for something in particular. Buy them a seed collection that is a bit unusual for once. If they are a veg grower, you can select some heirloom varieties or specialist fruits. This allows them to try something new without the pressure of them buying it themselves.

Trees and bushes

Want to get them something with minimal effort required, choose a fruit tree or bush. They just need to dig it into place and then focus on looking after it. Some great options include; an apple tree, blueberry bushes or a grapevine. 

Something a bit unusual for Gardeners

Is your gardener a bit out of the ordinary or is it just that they have everything already? We have a few additional ideas that are a little bit unusual. 

Unusual seeds

We’ve already talked about seeds, but if you want to add a bit of flair to their seed spreading then we have a fun option. Seed bombs are exactly what they sound like, shaped often like a grenade these handy packages can be tossed on to spare ground and the magic will happen….in 3 to 6 weeks. They are a great way to add a bit of colour to an empty part of the garden and can be tailored to be a bee-friendly selection. 

Grow your own mushrooms

You can buy mushroom growing packs that are suitable for experienced gardeners as well as novices. There are lots of varieties to choose from so they make a good gift for mushroom lovers as well as gardeners. 

Velociraptor Garden Sculpture

Yes, you read that right, velociraptor garden sculpture! It isn’t to everyone’s taste but for the right person, this could make the perfect gift for their garden. 

Have you found the perfect gifts for gardeners?

We hope you’ve found some inspiration for your gardening friends. No matter what you get them, whether decorative or practical, they will appreciate anything for their prized garden.  If you would like any more inspiration for gardens, fencing and garden accessories, check out the rest of our contemporary garden blog.