Should I Paint My Garden Fence Black? | Contemporary Garden

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Should I Paint My Garden Fence Black?

Should I Paint My Garden Fence Black


We love contemporary garden design, it's in our name. And black materials in the home and the garden have long been a staple of contemporary design. Today, we'll talk about whether you should paint your garden fence black? If you haven't already, you can read our first article in this series. Should I paint my garden fence?. Read this first to discover the difference between stains, oils and paints as well as to learn if painting your fence is the right option for you.

Black Garden Fences

Black garden fencing is striking and bold. It's not for everyone, but you may find black fencing works for you in the situations below.

If You Want a Cohesive Look

As black is a neutral colour, it makes a perfect base for any design. Just like in your home, using a neutral colour for many elements of the garden will create a cohesive look. Like the doors, windows and trim in a room, black can be used on all the structural elements of the garden to unite the space. Black garden fences, gates and the garden furniture will create this unified look that you can build on.

When You Want Other Elements To Pop

As we've just discussed, black is a great neutral to start with. Having a black garden fence will allow your plants and other decorative elements to do the talking. Black is great for showcasing bright planting arrangements, with bold colours really popping off the plain background. Black also works well with green, the dominant colour in the majority of gardens. Black brings the focus to the life around it.

You Want To Create Zones

While we've already talked about black as a general neutral for all structural elements, it can be used more sparingly to create zones. The use of black for screens and internal fencing areas, will ensure zones are clearly marked, improving the flow of the garden. Create an enclosed dining area with black fencing, or use it to keep children and pets away from bodies of water.

It Makes Your Space Cosier

Black and other dark colours will make your space feel smaller and cosier. While many people are looking to expand their space by using brighter, lighter colours, some would rather create a comfier look. Black will make your space feel more enclosed which is great for seating areas such as around a fire pit. Black will also absorb the heat from the sun more readily, so if you find yourself often feeling nippy outside, black fencing could be the small change you need.

You love Black Fencing

Of course, the best reason for having black fencing is because you love it. If black is your favourite basic colour, then go for it. Black garden fencing is modern, striking and will make your whole garden feel polished. But if black isn't your thing, it's not the only colour out there. You can choose other bold and more unusual colours for your garden fencing too. Or add decorative elements that you can change when you need a refresh.

Buy A Black Garden Fence

Not really the DIY type? Why not just buy your garden fencing pre-coloured. We provide our stunning Tempo Vibe Fencing Range in a selection of signature colours. Plus, we also have a colour match service, so you can get the perfect shade for your garden, including black! Check out the Tempo Vibe range or get in touch if you have any questions about our colour match service.