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How to Use Modern Fence Panels in a Contemporary Garden

How to Use Modern Fence Panels in a Contemporary Garden

It must be obvious but we love contemporary garden design! A big part of that is a passion for modern fence panels and using them to produce the ultimate contemporary style for gardens. Today, we'll show you how to use modern fencing to create that look.

Garden Fence Ideas with Modern Fence Panel

Modern fence panels come in all sizes and shapes with many featuring horizontal slatted panels over the traditional closed slat and vertical fence panels. Their natural look and design is already a modern look but with a few extra considerations you can make sure they are very contemporary.

Choose A Contemporary Fence Colour

Choosing a garden fence colour is an important job. If you want to make sure your modern fence panels sell that contemporary vibe, the right colour choice is vital. There are plenty of decorative garden fencing ideas to choose from but fencing colour will make the biggest impact.

Contemporary fence colours tend to be more unusual than your traditional fencing. Neutrals create a minimalist and more industrial look, while colourful additions create a more abstract modern feel. Choose a colour that reflects your style, or make your decision on a practical aspect, like what colour will make your garden look bigger. We love black fencing for the bold statement it makes, but we also love more subtle colouring like pastel green or eggshell.

Whatever colour you select, ensure it is correctly painted and/or stained and oiled. You'll help your fence last for longer and keep your chosen colour vibrant for years.

Pair with the Right Contemporary Design Elements

If you want to pair your modern fence panels with other items to get that contemporary look, you need to consider your overall aesthetic. Like with colours, contemporary fencing can be more minimalist or maximalist. Once you know your style, you can add other design elements to complete the look.

  • For minimalist design. Stonework and a focus on straight and smooth lines is a clear contemporary look. Decorative elements can feature metalwork or glass to continue the industrial look. Plus, sticking to a neutral colour pallet will keep the look consistent
  • For a more maximalist design. Bright colours and unexpected elements should be the focus here. A more natural appearance with unstructured design can provide a contemporary look but use a modern planting arrangement to avoid that traditional English cottage garden style.

Check out our articles on contemporary garden design in 2020 and 2021 for more inspiration.

Use Fencing for More Than Boundaries

Modern fence panels can be utilised as so much more than just a boundary wall. Depending on the style, modern fence panels can be used effectively to create sections and different areas in the garden. Instead of one long strip of land, contemporary design makes use of different spaces to extend the garden and your home as a whole.

Single slatted fencing can be used to screen off parts of a garden, but being able to see through allows a degree of mystery when viewing down the garden path. Double slatted fence panels, on the other hand, can be used effectively to make the areas more private. Whether you're trying to block your neighbours' view or ensure they don't block yours, contemporary garden fence panels are the perfect option.

Shop Modern Fence Panels

If you would like to implement your own garden fence ideas, look no further than Contemporary Garden. We provide a stunning selection of modern fence panels that come in a variety of sizes, styles and colour choices. We offer both single slatted and double slatted contemporary fencing panels. Plus, a colour match service to get the perfect shade for your landscaping dreams. Need help with your order? Get in touch with one of the team.